What is CopyWriting, and why is it important to you?

The amount of jargon that exists today makes life easier for the people who use it all the time but only confuses everyone else.

We try not to use jargon except for when it helps you to communicate directly with your target audience.  Good Copywriting is the key to this.

We try to write the content for your website in such a way that it will communicate to the people that are reading it, and do it so well that they will pick up the phone, place that order, fill out the form – whatever you want them to do.

We provide a bespoke service in copy-writing.  We also provide a Search Engine Optimisation service and a Search Engine Marketing service, but you can get more information about those if you read those pages by clicking on the links above.

We are able to provide these service anywhere in the world, but we prefer it if we can talk to our clients face-to-face.  Why?  Simple.  We want to provide the best service to our clients that we can.  It is a personal service.  It can be done impersonally, but only in a limited, mechanical way.

After all, we understand that people aren’t robots, so why should your website sound like it’s talking to robots?